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Secret History: World War I Chris Oxlade

Franklin Watts Ltd
Paperback / softback 48 pages

270 x 222 x 5mm
13th Mar 2014
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Secret History
c 1939 to c 1945
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In warfare the battles grab most of our attention. But there is a secret history to every war; a hidden world of spies, double agents, assassins and saboteurs. Secret History: World War I explores how each side tried to keep secrets from the enemy, while at the same time trying to break their codes and disrupt their missions. From invisible ink and secret codes, to propaganda and battle tactics, this book covers all of the main ways each side tried to outwit the other - and win the war.Secret History is a series of books exploring the six major conflicts of the 20th century.


Chris Oxlade, is an experienced writer of information books for children. He specializes in science and technology, and has written more than sixty titles, on subjects ranging from kites to virtual reality as well as books on various forms of transport.

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