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We Build Our Homes Small Stories of Incredible Animal Architects Laura Knowles, Chris Madden

words & pictures
Hardback 64 pages

295 x 210 xmm
18th Oct 2018
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It's not only humans who can build incredible structures: around the world, mammals, birds and insects can be found building incredible things. From big beaver dams to tiny caddisfly cases, this beautifully illustrated picture book explores each animal's incredible home and uncovers the reasons why they build.Featuring 26 creatures from around the world, each amazing animal architect tells its own 'micro story' about its impressive architectural skills in this delightfully unique wildlife book.Among the amazing builders you'll meet:Ovenbirds, who carry clumps of mud up into the trees to make their nestDarwin's bark spiders, who build webs stretching out as far as three buses, end-to-endMoles, who use their spade-like paws to dig extensive networks of tunnels with nesting spaces and storerooms where they keep earthworms to snack on laterPolar bear mothers, who make their dens under the snow to stay in for five long months, nursing their cubs and eating nothing themselvesThrough lyrical text and entrancing edge-to-edge illustrations, admire the spectacular ingenuity of these animal architects.


IntroductionWeaver BirdsSatin BowerbirdsOven BirdsSociable WeaversEdible-nest SwiftletsHummingbirdsWhite StorksMalleefowlTermitesHoney BeesPaper WaspsCaddisfly LarvaeTrapdoor SpidersDarwin's Bark SpidersWeaver AntsButterfliesYellow-spotted Monitor LizardsEuropean MolesAardvarksMeerkatsBearsGophersHarvest MiceBeaversChimpanzeesHumansWorld MapAnimal Architect stats


Laura Knowles has a background in children's publishing and is the author of We Travel So Far, Once Upon a Jungle, The Coral Kingdom and It Starts with a Seed, winner of the 2017 Margaret Mallett Award for Children's Non-fiction and shortlisted for the UKLA Book Award 2018. Her love of natural history, words and art have drawn her to work on books about animals and nature.Chris Madden is a Salford-born editorial and lifestyle illustrator. Since graduating from Stockport College with a first-class BA honours degree in Design and Visual arts, his illustrations have appeared in many national magazines and newspapers.

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