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The Life of Stephen Lawrence Verna Allette Wilkins, Lynne Willey

Tamarind Books
Hardback 48 pages

237 x 220 x 9mm
1st Jan 2001
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British Isles
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Stephen Lawrence was a bright, athletic, young man with high hopes for the future. He lived in south east London with his parents, younger brother and younger sister. On April 22nd 1993, he was brutally murdered while he was waiting for the bus. He was eighteen years old. He didn't know his killers; his killers didn't know him.This is his story. He will be remembered.


Verna Allette Wilkins (Author) Verna Wilkins is the author of 30 picture books and biographies for young people. Her books have featured on National Curriculum and BBC children's television, and been chosen among the Children's Books of the Year. She was born in Grenada and lives in London.Lynne Willey (Illustrator) Karen King started her writing career with the teenage magazine Jackie and spent many years writing for various children's magazines and a variety of children's books. She has had over one hundred children's books published by a range of publishers. She was born in Birmingham and lives in the Midlands with her husband, dog and cat. She has four daughters who are now all grown up. She has absolutely no sense of direction and gets lost so often her family are scared to let her out on her own. The things she likes best are eating chocolate and reading, preferably both at the same time.

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