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Dinosaurs Sarah Eason, James Field

Armadillo Books
Hardback 64 pages

1st Jul 2014
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This title helps you discover the awesome lost world of the dinosaur. You can go back in time to the fascinating realm of the dinosaurs - more than 60 million years before the first humans existed. It features information-packed landscape pages, suitable for both home and school use. Special feature boxes provide incredible dinosaur facts and figures. There is outstanding artwork throughout, including detailed annotations for the budding dino expert. It is a book that children will want to read again and again. This beautifully illustrated reference book is essential reading for every child with an interest in dinosaurs. It helps them discover amazing facts about these incredible beasts, from the compact Compsognathus to the towering Brachiosaurus. You can find out which dinosaur weighed as much as twenty elephants, and how Stegosaurus had a brain as tiny as your thumb. You can learn about flying reptiles such as Quetzalcoatlus and undersea monsters like the giant predator Liopleurodon. The thematically written text answers many of the questions that children ask, such as "what were dinosaurs really like?" and "why did the dinosaurs die out?"Expertly written, this book reveals the mysteries of how these animals dominated the planet Earth for 160 million years.

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