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VIII H. M. Castor

Templar Publishing
Paperback / softback 400 pages

216 x 135 xmm
1st Apr 2012
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Destined for greatness - tormented by demons. VIII (Eight) is the untold story of Henry VIII, a gripping examination of why he turned from a charismatic teenager to the cruel tyrant he became in later life. Hal is a young, handsome and gifted warrior, who believes he has been divinely chosen to lead his people. But throughout his life, he is haunted by a ghostly apparition, and, once he rises to power, he turns to murder and rapacious cruelty.


Harriet Castor (writing as H. M. Castor) is an accomplished writer and historian, who had her first book published by Puffin when she was 14. She has written historical non-fiction and fiction for younger children but this is her first novel for teens and young adults. Harriet studied History at Cambridge University, and has always been fascinated by the story of Henry VIII.

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