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Animal Diaries: Tyrannosaurus Rex Steve Parker, Peter Scott

QED Publishing
Hardback 32 pages

265 x 210 x 10mm
1st Oct 2012
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Animal Diaries
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My name is T-Rex and this is my very own diary. Please read it so you can find out all about - ME! I'll tell you about the cool place I live in and what I like to eat. You can meet my family and the other dinos who live around here - some are weird, but others are very tasty! I hope you enjoy my diary - I wrote it with a bit of help from a human called Steve Parker. Animal Diaries are personal accounts written by young animal diarists. Sometimes funny, often scary, these first-hand accounts are highly entertaining, giving readers an intriguing insight into the life of each animal. Each book is a mixture of diary entries, informative extracts, sketches and fact-filled animal profile cards. Books are packed full of interesting information on the animals' habitat, diet, different stages of life and interaction with other animals. Incredibly vivid illustrations let young readers feel like they are immersed in the lives of the diarists, and may encourage them to start documenting their own adventures.


Early Days Let's Explore My Group Curious Friend Awesome Day! Clues for the Hunt First Big Kill Shadows in the Sky A Regular Visit Tough Times The Flood Strange Sights So Cold... What They Said About Me Tricky Terms Index


STEVE PARKER is an author, editor and consultant specialising in information about the natural world, biology, technology and general sciences. After receiving a First Class Honours BSc in Zoology, Steve went on to work in house at various publishers including Dorling Kindersley and Haymarket. His backlist has grown to 300+ titles, with 150+ as editor or consultant. They vary from small, light-hearted "one-offs" to heavy-duty tomes, commissioned by a wide clients base including international publishers and co-edition specialists. Peter David Scott has been an artist and book illustrator for over 20 years, specialising in natural history subjects. He has had over thirty solo books published worldwide by major publishers. He has also designed aliens for a CGI documentary. He lives and works in Yorkshire, England.

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