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The Castle of Inside Out David Henry Wilson, Chris Riddell

Alma Books Ltd
Paperback / softback 150 pages

198 x 128 xmm
21st Jul 2016
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Lorina, a young schoolgirl, is led by a black rabbit through a wood to a magical land. There she finds a race of green people, who are all overworked, starving and suffering from the toxic fumes billowing out of a nearby castle. She decides to gain access to the castle for the poor green people, and within its walls she meets the "insiders", selfish creatures who hoard all the resources and treat the outsiders as slaves. Her quest leads her to encounter the bureaurat, the superviper, the farmadillo and, eventually, the awful Piggident himself.Will she be able to save the green people from the cruelty of these "insiders"?


David Henry Wilson is a children's author best known for his Jeremy James series and the Superdog series. His books have been translated into many languages including Spanish, German, Thai and French. He has also written numerous plays including People In Cages and frequently works as a translator translating titles from French and German.

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