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History Showtime: Vikings Liza Phipps, Avril Thompson

Franklin Watts Ltd
Paperback / softback 32 pages

265 x 210 x 2mm
12th Feb 2015
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History Showtime
Northern Europe, Scandinavia
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History Showtime brings a fresh new approach to history, combining essential learning with the fun of drama and music.History Showtime: Vikings looks at the history of these famous invaders and describes their everyday life, such as what they ate, what they wore and their beliefs. Alongside this key information are four songs, unique to this series, which bring the facts to life. At the end of the book is a simple playscript for children to act out, which enacts a dramatic Viking sea journey to a new life in Britain.


Liza Phipps (Author)Liza Phipps is a former teacher with a particular interest in history and drama.Avril Thompson (Author)Avril Thompson is a highly experienced music teacher with a particular interest in performance art.

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