Billy Bonkers: It Wasn't Me! Giles Andreae, Nick Sharratt

Orchard Books
Paperback / softback 128 pages

197 x 131 x 11mm
6th September 2012
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Billy Bonkers
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There's a Secret Prankster wreaking havoc all around town. No one knows for sure whodunnit, but all fingers are pointing at Billy. Who else would set cold porridge bomb traps, stuff bananas into exhaust pipes and pour jam into Mrs Furball's wig?But one thing we do know - whether Billy's sinking a gondola in Venice, solving a murder mystery, or chasing ghosts through a fairground, he's bound to be explaining:"IT WASN'T ME!"3 prank-a-rifically hilarious stories in 1!


Giles Andreae is the award-winning and bestselling author of Rumble in the Jungle, Giraffes Can't Dance and The Lion Who Wanted to Love. Giles is also the creator and voice behind Purple Ronnie. He lives in London.

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