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Red Lanterns' Revenge Michael Vincent Acampora, Dan Schoening

Paperback 56 pages

190 x 129 x 4mm
12th Mar 2012
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DC Super Heroes: Green Lantern
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HAL JORDAN, guardian of intergalactic Sector 2814, travels to Mars with two of his GREEN LANTERN CORPS teammates to investigate a mysterious crater on the Red Planet. Clues lead them to the distant planet Ysmault - but it's a trap! HAL's companions are captured by ATROCITUS, leader of the rebellious RED LANTERNS. But if HAL gives in to his anger, the mad Atrocitus will grow in strength, take over Earth's solar system, and become even more powerful than HAL!


Michael Acampora was born in the Bronx, New York. He has edited various books and magazines for DC Comics and is currently pursuing degrees in Literary Arts and Political Science at Brown University. He splits his time living with his family in Somers, New York, and friends in Providence, Rhode Island. This is his first children's book. Dan Schoening was born in Victoria, B.C. Canada. From an early age, Dan has had a passion for animation and comic books. Currently, Dan does freelance work in the animation and game industry and spends a lot of time with his lovely little daughter, Paige.

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