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The Gruesome Truth About: The Vikings Jillian Powell, Matt Buckingham

Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Paperback / softback 32 pages

265 x 210 x 4mm
11th Sep 2012
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Gruesome Truth About
Northern Europe, Scandinavia
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Covering different historical eras, this informative series details all the topics one would expect to find in a history series, such as family life, food, religion, entertainment and warfare. But this book reveals all the bits of history that no one ever tells you about. From food, families and funerals to sport, superstitions and sacrifices, find out the grim, gory and grisly truth about the Vikings.


The Violent Vikings Ruthless Raiders Wild Warriors Sacrifices and Sagas Chieftains and Slaves Laws and 'Things' Families and Feuds Smoky Homes Soap and Steam Baths Horrid Hunters Seabirds and Sausages Cruel Competitors Pyres, Fires and Funerals


Jillian Powell is an experienced writer of children`s fiction and non-fiction.

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