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China Sylvia Goulding

Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Paperback 48 pages

251 x 204 x 4mm
8th Mar 2012
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Food & Celebrations
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Food is an important part of any nation and these books explore each country's special relationship with food. A map highlights the geography and provinces within each country. There are details of local produce, how people celebrate, what they cook for festivals, eating at home and how people live. All this interspersed with lots of recipes that children will love to make.


Let's start cooking A trip around China The food we grow in China RECIPE: Egg-fried rice RECIPE: Crispy Seaweed RECIPE: Bang-bang chicken How we celebrate in China RECIPE: Pork Dumplings RECIPE: Mooncakes How we celebrate at home in China RECIPE: Fried Noodles RECIPE: Fortune Cookies How we live in China RECIPE: Deep-Fried Devils RECIPE: Hot and Sour Soup RECIPE: Fried Port with Spring Onions Look it up Find out more Index


Sylvia Goulding is an experienced author of children's non-fiction.

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