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First Picture Dictionary Collins Dictionaries

Collins Educational
Paperback / softback 48 pages

312 x 226 x 4mm
1st Jun 2005
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Collins Primary Dictionaries
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Collins First Picture Dictionary is a colourful dictionary that teaches very young children simple word and picture association. It contains a selection of common everyday words, grouped in familiar themes. Each word is accompanied by a bold, colourful illustration, and many spreads also feature an action-packed scene incorporating the words.* A special feature of the dictionary are the questions posed by the cat, the dog and the family of children who appear throughout the book. These questions help parents and teachers to share the book with their children, encouraging them to look closely at the words and pictures, and talk about what they see* The dictionary opens with an introduction for adults, explaining how to get the most out of the book, and ends with a range of fun spreads that explore simple concepts such as colour, numbers and `doing' words* Simple illustrations support every word to help children read and learn* For ages 2+


Pioneers in dictionary publishing since 1819

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