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To Market, To Market - PB Eman Anushka Ravishankar

Tara Books
Paperback / softback 

1st Sep 2013
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A much-loved Tara classic children s title is released in paperback for the first time. In India, a little girl goes to her local market, and her mother gives her a pocketful of change. But the girl has no idea what to buy perhaps something funny, nice or even strange . But among the rich and colorful wonders of the market, from jolly bangle sellers to massive spice stands, flower shops to mask makers, she finds that the real fun s not in the buying after all! She loves discovering wonderful, colorful stalls: "Jangle, Jangle, Jangle, I'm a bangle-holding stand," and "Silly, Silly, Silly, I'm a chili sort of sneeze." Told in Anushka Ravishankar s inimitable nonsense verse and illustrated in Emanuele Scanziani s vibrant paintings, this children's story is a bold and busy tribute to the vitality of everyday India. Award-winning Italian artist Emanuele Scanziani has created an exuberant Indian market with innovative typography that combines with the nonsense-verse to make a truly sumptuous, vibrant feast.US Grade Level Equivalent: 2US Guided Reading Level: L"


Anushka Ravishankar: Dubbed India s Dr. Seuss, children everywhere are enchanted by the nonsensical and fantastical world Anushka creates. Tremendously talented, she is credited as the first writer to adapt the difficult nonsense verse form to the cadences of Indian English. She has won national and international acclaim for her jubilant verse-tales, and is now based in Delhi. Emanuele Scanziani, originally from Italy, is an artist and freelance illustrator who lives and works in Auroville, an international commune in South India. His paintings for To Market! To Market! arose from his love for the color and atmosphere of the local market in Pondicherry."

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