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Perry Angel's Suitcase Glenda Millard, Stephen Michael King

Phoenix Yard Books
Paperback / softback 138 pages

198 x 128 x 9mm
6th Feb 2014
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Kingdom of Silk
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The third book in the Kingdom of Silk series. It has taken Perry Angel almost seven years to find the place where he belongsHe arrives in the Kingdom of Silk one day on the ten-thirty express, carrying only a small and shabby suitcase embossed with five golden letters. What do those letters mean? And why won't Perry let go of his case? This is a gentle and moving story about being a foster child and finding your place in the world - and there could be no better place for Perry Angel than with Griffin Silk, his family and his best friend, Layla. In Glenda Millard's beautifully written and multi-award-winning Kingdom of Silk series, we meet the uncommon Silk family. Parents Ben and Annie Silk have a brood of five daughters ('the Rainbow Girls'), a son named Griffin, Griffin's best friend Layla who 'might as well be a Silk', Nell - the 'tiny bit magic' fairy grandmother, and Perry Angel - an adopted son who joins the Silk family midway through the series. Through these whimsical, lyrical stories, Glenda Millard writes about families like no other writer writes about families.The books explore important themes of love, loss, friendships, home and belonging, in ways that pull at the heartstrings but are never over-sentimental. Honey for the soul. AWARDS: *WINNER - BOOK OF THE YEAR - Children's Book Council of Australia REVIEWS: "A thoughtful story told through the eyes of each of the main protagonists, which shows us that we all have our own place in the world; it is delicately illustrated with dreamy drawings that refelct the underlying theme." -- PARENTS IN TOUCH. "Poignant and lovely. Millard has that rare gift of making you feel in a few pages that you've known these characters, and this place, always." -- INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY, BEST CHILDREN'S BOOKS. "Following on from the success of The Naming of Tishkin Silk and Layla Queen of Hearts, Millard's next book wraps up the same winning blend of love and adventure in a rich and enthralling package. A wonderfully imagined series." -- LANCASHIRE EVENING POST. "I had a big lump in my throat on getting to the end of this beautifully crafted story...Glenda Millard has a genius for letting the plot unfold so that the reader gradually comes to an interpretation of what is going on and an understanding of the characters and their motives." -- THE CENTRE FOR LITERACY IN PRIMARY EDUCATION.

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