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Journey to the World of the Dinosaurs Peek Inside the Pop-up Windows! Dereen Taylor, Peter Kavanagh

Armadillo Books
Hardback 12 pages

260 x 260 xmm
31st Oct 2013
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This title lets you open the hatch of a gleaming time machine, peer through a primeval jungle, and gaze across a rocky ravine. You can see Jake and Ned encounter spiny stegosauruses, a swarm of screeching pterodactyls and a terrifying T-Rex! It features three-dimensional layered pages allow the reader to fully explore the amazing illustrations. It is perfect prehistoric reading for 3- to 7-year-olds. Jake and his little brother Ned are enjoying all the fun of the fair - including a magical ride that takes them on a journey through history! Dinosaur-mad Ned knows which era he wants to visit, and, after much shuddering and lurching, that is precisely where the time machine takes them. The two brothers find themselves in a lush forest, with vivid tropical flowers. In the background is a smoking volcano. And all around them are dinosaurs, real-life dinosaurs, strolling and eating, flying and soaring - and hunting. Jake and Ned get up close and personal with scary predators, and are nearby when a stegosaurus family comes under attack. But will the boys' adventure end when they return home, or will the magic continue? Join them on their journey to find out...Young readers will love this thrilling tale, and the fantastic pop-up illustrations will take them right into the thick of the action.


Dereen Taylor has been writing and editing children's books for more than fifteen years. She specializes in writing fiction and activity books for younger readers. Peter Kavanagh began writing and drawing in school, like all children do. Unlike most children he never stopped, and has now illustrated over 100 books.

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