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After the War Was Over Michael Foreman, Michael Foreman

Pavilion Children's Books
Paperback 96 pages

258 x 190 x 10mm
19th Mar 2007
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Interest age: from c 10 years
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Life for a young boy is different after the Second World War ends - the country is moving forward again and he is finding his place in the world. Once the victory parades are over and the barbed wire and unexploded bombs are cleared his attention is drawn to football, music, girls and art. Michael Foreman's personal story is the story of life in Britain in the '40s and '50s - from soldiers returning from war to jazz clubs and 'teddy boys' -- a time when everything changes. Like 'War Boy', 'After the War Was Over' is a lively and innovative combination of story and factual information with Foreman's trademark beautiful illustrations.


Michael Foreman's numerous books for children have earned him widespread recognition as one of the world's leading illustrators. He has regularly collaborated with Terry Jones, Michael Morpurgo and others while several of his own books are also considered modern classics. Titles include War Boy, War Game, Terry Jones Animal Tales, Michael Morpurgo's Farm Boy and Treasure Island.

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