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Pyramids of Ancient Egypt Christopher Forest, Jen H. Wegner

Hardback 32 pages

222 x 197 xmm
10th Mar 2016
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Fact Finders: Ancient Egyptian Civilization
Ancient Egypt
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The ancient Egyptians used pyramids as tombs for their dead pharaohs. But the pyramids were more than just resting places for their fallen rulers' bodies. This book enables you to learn about the history of the pyramids, the treasures buried there, and how the pyramids changed over the years.


Chris lives in Danvers, Massachusetts, in the neighborhood where the Salem Witch Trials occurred. He lives there with his wife, daughter, son, and two cats, Molly and Murray, and enjoys spending time with his family. When Chris is not writing, he is busy teaching middle school students in Natick, Massachusetts, reading, playing guitar, or learning more about his favorite subject, American history.

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