The World's Greatest Space Cadet James Carter

Bloomsbury Education
Paperback / softback 80 pages

198 x 129 xmm
12th January 2017
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Interest age: from c 9 years
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"A dreamer?Me? Err, You bet,The world's greatest space cadet!"Join poet James Carter on a journey through space and time: meet everyone from a Viking warrior to a crazed cat - and travel from planet Earth to the very edges of the universe...This wonderful collection is the perfect way to get children interested in poetry.


An award-winning children's poet, James Carter travels all over the cosmos (well, Britain) with his guitar (that's Keith) to give lively poetry performances and workshops. James once had hair, extremely long hair (honestly), and he played in a really nasty ultra-loud heavy rock band. And, as a lifelong space cadet, James has discovered that poems are the best place to gather all his daydreamy thoughts. What's more, he believes that daydreaming for ten minutes every day should be compulsory in all schools.

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