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Great Civilisations: The Maya Tracey Kelly, Franklin Watts

Franklin Watts Ltd
Paperback / softback 32 pages

268 x 202 x 9mm
28th May 2015
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Great Civilisations
Pre-Columbian America
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Mayans looks at one of the most fascinating and advanced ancient civilisations. Through structures as imposing as a sacrificial pyramid or objects as beautiful and complex as the Mayan calendar, readers aged 9 and up gain a picture of who was whom in ancient central America and how the civilisation in which they lived really worked.Perfect for Key Stage 2, each book in Great Civilisations approaches its subject through a scene-setting spread Who/where were the... then introduces the achievements of the chosen civilisation through 12 structures or objects, each of which illustrates a key aspect or theme. Writing, architecture, industry, warfare, transport and learning are all covered in the same simple, colourful and engaging way. Fact boxes and panels present incidental information and point the reader to the importance of parallel developments in other parts of the world.


Tracey Kelly is an experienced children's non-fiction author, specialising in historical subjects.

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