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Celebrate Diwali With Sweets, Lights, and Fireworks Deborah Heiligman

National Geographic Kids
Paperback / softback 32 pages

254 x 216 xmm
1st Oct 2008
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Holidays Around The World
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Beautiful, dynamic photographs and brief, lively tect introduce readers to the joyous holiday of Diwali, evoking the celebrations of HINDUS, Sikhs and Jains around he world.In Deborah Heiligman's inviting global odyssey of the Hindu holiday we learn that Diwali celebrates the triumph of good over evil, and of light and darkness. Although celebrated differently in different places, Diwali is universally viewed as a time of great joy, celebrated with fireworks, sweets and gifts. Celebrate Diwali brings to life the holiday's traditions, food, and celebration rituals. The informative back matter includes Diwali recopies, a glossary, a Diwali card game, a map, and a resource list of books and Websites. Also included is a note to parents and teachers form the book's consultant, Dr. Vasudha Narayanan.


The National Geographic Kid is curious about the world around them, empowered in the face of challenges and responsible for others and the natural world. Combining these principles with the international educational heritage of Collins, this partnership is a natural fit for books that are funny, weird, exploratory, educational and loved by children.

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