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Create Your Own Alien Adventure Chris Judge, Andrew Judge

Paperback / softback 128 pages

204 x 139 x 10mm
7th Jan 2016
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Interest age: from c 7 years
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Read, choose, draw, fold, twist, tear and more to CREATE YOUR OWN:ALIEN ADVENTURE!When an alien crash lands outside school you race out to find it.Follow the trail of the alien across town, back to its ship. Teara small hole in the page to get inside - and learn to speak alien!Once you've helped B'ob fix the tear in his ship (wonder wherethat came from?) he takes you to visit his home. Navigate asteroidfields, build an engine and fold space to make it to his homeworld.Not everything is that easy! You've accidentally led an alien armyto Earth - and they're ready conquer it.It's up to you and some unexpected new characters to save the planet.Visit to find more hilarious content by Andrew andChris Judge!

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