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Eliot, Midnight Superhero Anne Cottringer, Alex T. Smith

Paperback / softback 32 pages

275 x 251 x 3mm
5th Sep 2013
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By day, Eliot is a quiet boy who likes to read and play with histoys. But when the clock strikes midnight, Eliot is transformed intoa superhero! When he's not showing off his incredible swimmingskills or wowing the crowds with his expert lion-taming, you canfind him assisting the Queen.One day Eliot receives an urgent message from the world's Most ImportantScientists: a giant meteor is hurtling towards Earth! WillEliot be able to rise to the challenge and save the world fromdestruction in the nick of time?A fantastically fast-paced adventure story, gloriously brought tolife by bestselling Alex T. Smith.

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