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Little Prince: An Epic Tale from Ancient Iraq Kathy Henderson, Jane Ray

Walker Books Ltd
Paperback / softback 80 pages

198 x 129 x 5mm
6th Jun 2013
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A fiction format reissue of Lugalbanda for confident readers.From the land we now call Iraq comes the story of a young prince's extraordinary adventures. On his way to war with his older brothers, Lugalbanda meets the magical Anzu bird, who gives him the power to be strong, tireless and run like lightning. Lugalbanda uses his new power to help resolve the war peacefully and goes on to become a great ruler. Older than the Bible, the Koran and the Greek and Roman myths, this story was discovered over 150 years ago written on ancient clay tablets buried in the desert and it was 100 more years before scholars managed to decode the text and so provide Kathy Henderson with the raw material for her beautiful retelling for children.


Kathy Henderson is an illustrator, printmaker and the author of The Little Boat, illustrated by Patrick Benson, which won the Kurt Maschler Award, The Year in the City, And the Good Brown Earth and The Storm, which was shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal. She lives in London, N10.Jane Ray won the Smarties Book Prize for her illustrations for The Story of Creation and has been nominated four times for the Kate Greenaway Medal. Her recent books for Walker include Snow White, Cinderella and Romeo & Juliet. She lives in London, N10.

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