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Explore!: Ancient Greeks Jane Bingham

Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Paperback / softback 32 pages

266 x 218 x 6mm
9th Apr 2015
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Ancient Greece
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Learn all about the amazing Ancient Greeks with this photographic book!We give an overview of the Ancient Greek world, from the early peoples to the rise of the great civilization. We take a look at the famous thinkers, writers and artists of the age, what everyday life was like and how Greek architecture still amazes people today.Learn about the great rulers and warriors of this ancient world, about the gods and goddesses that they believed in, and the life of ordinary people. Take a look at the food, buildings, science, medicine of the Greeks and find out how we know about them today.You can read about the Olympic Games, including a letter from a spectator, and the other entertainments, such as the theatre, that the Ancient Greeks enjoyed. You can even design and make your own theatrical mask.Discover amazing facts about the Ancient Greek civilization! Great for homework help and project work!


Jane Bingham is an experienced children's author and editor. She specializes in history and contemporary issues.

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