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World War II Sourcebook: Spying and Security Charlie Samuels

Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Paperback / softback 48 pages

253 x 205 x 4mm
12th Feb 2015
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World War II Sourcebook
c 1939 to c 1945
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World War II is explored through first hand-evidence including posters, newspapers, diaries, letters, speeches, poems and songs. This title looks at spying and security in the Second World War, from code breaking and spying to national security and civil defence. It looks at the hidden world of secrets and deception in World War Two.


Charlie Samuels studied at the University of Oxford before beginning a career in publishing that has lasted over 20 years. He has written hundreds of articles and dozens of books for younger readers, particularly about historical, cultural and military subjects. He has also contributed to and edited many illustrated reference encyclopedias for the British and American markets. He lives in London, where his nephews and godchildren are happy to tell him how to be a better writer.

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