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At Home With: The Ancient Egyptians Tim Cooke

Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Hardback 32 pages

262 x 207 x 5mm
14th Aug 2014
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At Home With
Ancient Egypt
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Life in the past was in many ways very different from life today, but in one way it was very similar.There were always some people who were wealthier, more powerful or more famous than everyone else- and it was those early celebrities who set the fashions of the age and who got tongues wagging withearly celebrity gossip.At Home With... uses a magazine approach to reveal what fashionable life was like in various societies.Each book in the series focuses on a highly popular and widely studied period of history. The subjects include famous individuals and their homes, fashions, pastimes, food and drink, ways of getting around - and the must-have possessions of the day.


Tim Cooke is a graduate of Oxford University. He has worked in children's publishing for over 20 years, and has written or contributed to dozens of books on a wide range of subjects. Among his publications as writer or editor are numerous sets about military history, particularly the American Revolution, the Civil War, World Wars I and II, and the Vietnam War. He has also written extensively about general history, both ancient and modern.

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