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My Birth Caryn Jenner

Franklin Watts Ltd
Hardback 32 pages

272 x 212 x 9mm
10th Feb 2011
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All About Me
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How did you begin? Where did you come from? How were you born? In this book find out where babies come from, how you developed inside your mum and what you needed as a newborn baby. All about Me explores topics that are important to young children as they grow up. The text and pictures provide lots of talking points while questions help children to relate information to themselves and discover their similarities and differences. Advisory: This book contains information about the facts of life.


The beginning of you Baby-making systems The race to the egg One of a kind The growing embryo Becoming a baby Inside the womb Almost ready... Being born A newborn baby Looking after baby Glossary Further information Index


Caryn Jenner was born and raised in the USA, but has lived all her adult life in the UK. The very best thing she's ever done in her life is adopting her fabulous and fascinating daughter. The next best thing is working with children as a school volunteer. She also enjoys writing and editing books for children. She lives in London with her husband, daughter and cats.

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