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The Egyptian Echo

Usborne Publishing Ltd
Paperback / softback 32 pages

275 x 216 x 3mm
21st Feb 1996
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Ancient World
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Why DID the Egyptians build the pyramids? What do those squiggly hieroglyphics really mean? Why did Pharaohs wear snakes in their hats? Find out in the Egyptian Echo. It's a fresh and lively look at Ancient Egyptian history told by way of screaming headlines and hot-under-the-collar tabloid journalism. Covering 3,000 years in 32 pages, it's bursting with facts and humour. Cats - Just How Sacred Are They?, King Tut in Ostrich Outrage, Sex Change Pharaoh Claims Dad was a God. Read all about it in the Echo - it's sphinxational!


News pages - old kingdom news - smiting, pyramids and hieroglyphs, middle kingdom news - smiting, jewels and foreigners, new kindgom news - smiting, god-swapping and mummies; free gift - your phenomenal Pharo board game; features - fashion - dress to impress Tut style, Bata's beauty spot, dreams - what do they really mean?, health - Dr. Ahhk is the Echo's doc on the spot, arts - royal portrait controversy; entertainment - your sensational B-Z guide to throwing parties, snubbing your guests and being sick with style; problem page - riveting reading for life's twists and turns; pets corner - goose watch - nine things you never knew about geese; quiz contest - wholesome and educational entertaintment for a rainy Sunday afternoon; ads - small ads - looking for a job?, don't start here!; sports review - hunting news - cat chaos in the Delta.

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