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African American Healers Clinton Cox

John Wiley & Sons Inc
Paperback / softback 176 pages

234 x 190 x 10mm
30th Nov 1999
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Interest age: from c 10 years
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Throughout American history, determined African Americans have become healers. As doctors, nurses, and scientists, they have made vital contributions to the health of the American people. The road to attaining the knowledge these healers longed for was a difficult one. But they kept going, despite the obstacles. These healers would not only mend the ills of the sick, but would also found schools, build hospitals, and fight for equal treatment as well as for the rights of their patients. These true and inspiring stories of some of the great African American healers show you how: Dr. James Durham, the first African American doctor, saved the lives of more yellow fever victims than most doctors in colonial Philadelphia. Susie King Taylor began nursing both black and white soldiers at the age of thirteen when the Civil War began and cared for them throughout the war. Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, who founded Provident Hospital in Chicago, saved a patient's life by performing the first successful open-heart operation. Dr. Justina Laurena Ford, the first black female physician in the Rocky Mountains, treated patients of all races in their homes, and became fluent in eight languages. Dr.Charles Drew invented the blood bank and discovered new uses for plasma. Dr. Benjamin Carson blazed a trail in the amazing field of brain surgery. This outstanding collection brings to light these and dozens of other exciting and surprising tales of the men and women of medicine who lived their dreams.


THE EARLY YEARS. Dr. James Durham. James McCune Smith, M. D. THE CIVIL WAR YEARS AND RECONSTRUCTION. Major Martin Robison Delany. John S. Rock, M. D. Dr. Alexander T. Augusta. Susie King Taylor. Rebecca Lee (Crumpler), M. D. Charles Burleigh Purvis, M. D. INTO THE NEW CENTURY. Mary Eliza Mahoney. Nathan Francis Mossell, M.D. Daniel Hale Williams, M. D. George Cleveland Hall, M.D. Austin Maurice Curtis, M. D. Adah Belle Thoms. Justina Laurena Ford, M. D. Louis Tompkins Wright, M. D. William Augustus Hinton, M.D. Charles Richard Drew, M. D. Percy Lavon Julian, Ph.D. MODERN TIMES. Alvin Francis Poussaint, M. D. Benjamin Solomon Carson, M. D. Deborah Prothrow-Stith, M. D. Joycelyn (Jones) Elders, M. D. David Satcher, M. D. Chronology. Notes. Bibliography. Picture Credits. Index.


Clinton Cox is a journalist and author who has twice been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. His children's book Undying Glory was a CBC/NCSS Notable Children's Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies. Jim Haskins has written more than one hundred nonfiction books for young readers, including Diary of a Harlem School Teacher; his collaboration with Rosa Parks on her autobiography, Rosa Parks: My Story; The Harlem Renaissance; and Black Eagles: African Americans in Aviation. He is Professor of English at the University of Florida, Gainesville, and winner of numerous awards, including the Washington Post Children's Book Guild Award for the body of his work, the Carter G. Woodson Award, and the Coretta Scott King Book Award.

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