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Doing Nothing Band 03/Yellow Petr Horacek, Collins Big Cat

Paperback / softback 16 pages

192 x 265 x 2mm
1st Sep 2011
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Collins Big Cat
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The frog is sitting at the bottom of the pond, doing nothing. But other animals keep coming after him and he has to hop away! Follow the frog as he hops around the pond in his search for a bit of peace in this wonderfully illustrated book by Petr Horacek.* Yellow/Band 3 books offer varied sentence structure and natural language* Children can recap the frog's journey from the bottom of the pond and back again on pages 14-15.* Text type: A story with a familiar setting* Curriculum links: Citizenship: Animals and us


Petr Horacek is a Czechoslovakian writer and illustrator, now based in England, who has written extensively for children.

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