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A wonderful event at the HMS Belfast with Sue Palmer !

Wednesday, 13 November 2013 Ltd would like to thank everyone who came to the very successful event with Sue Palmer at the HMS Belfast yesterday. It was a brilliant first in the series of 'Teaching Grammar Creatively' conferences and we had some amazing feedback from our attendees!

"I feel inspired to go forth teaching grammar in an enthusiastic and enjoyable way."
Sarah Smits, Beormund Primary

"I love the idea of personifying punctuation! I need to dig out a dressing up box! Brilliant - thank you. Great day."
Alice Morgan, Myatt Garden Primary School

"The whole day was really useful. Sue is really easy to listen to. Her delivery is lovely and you feel like she does understand what we are going through."
Elaine Johnson, Shackleton Primary School

"Venue is amazing! Such a great idea to hold the course here. Teachers were inspired by the surroundings as children would be. Reminds us we need to nurture that feeing of awe in the classroom as well. The whole session with Sue was fantastic! Clear and well explained. Made a lot of sense of something that can be extremely confusing. Loved the whole day and feel greatly inspired to go back to school and share with staff as well as pupils. Loved it all!"
Rebecca Leigh, Park Lane Primary

"Very informative thank you. Was good to take the formality out of teaching/have 'fun approaches'. Good to have honesty about the National Curriculum."
Debra Hudson, Invicta Primary School

"I have used many of Sue's ideas and books over the years. Today was the first occasion I have had to experience her live! She did not disappoint - I was hooked on every word. I now feel rejuvinated and raring to go - lots of ideas to take back. Many thanks Sue - a great day."
Jacqui Allison, St Thomas of Canterbury Primary School

"Informative/entertaining and full of useful ideas. Good perspective - children first/engaging them to avoid the negative aspects of grammar teaching."
Gayle Michelon and Helena Carrazedo, Christ the King School

"Sue clearly has a secure understanding of the new curriculum so I have thankfully gained a better insight."
Lisa Butcher, Beormund Primary School