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Paul Blum

Tuesday, 04 March 2014

Paul Blum was born in London in 1961, and has spent most of his life there. He went to Westminster City School and did a history degree at Bristol University.

He has been a secondary school teacher for most of his working life. Paul got to teach lots of pupils with low reading ages and became fascinated by why there wasn't more for them to read. It seemed to him to be a particular problem over the age of thirteen. There was nothing really entertaining for the reluctant teenage readers - especially the boys. 

When Paul became a Special Needs Co-ordinator, he decided to do something about it. He wrote a series of science fiction books called the Extraordinary Files in which the Agents Robert Parker and Laura Turnbull have adventures not unlike the heroes of the X Files. The books had a punchy dialogue and character repartee which the pupils really enjoyed. They were also reading ages of about eight. Next Paul wrote Shadows and The Matt Merton Mysteries. They have edgy black and white pictures and depict a London of the future, after an alien invasion, where it is always winter and never summer. Matt Merton searches for both his conscience and for his girlfriend Jane through the ice filled streets. The reading age is down to six and opens doors to very weak readers. These series can be found in book boxes in most primary schools and form a staple set of texts for reluctant male readers at Key Stage Three.

Since these series, Paul has done Vampire Inc, a story about Brighton's vampires and also written a soap opera about Boxing called Fight Club. Both have accessible reading ages.

Paul lives in South London and works as a SENCO in Tottenham, North London. His CPD speciality is working with reluctant readers and training LSAS to make effective reading interventions.

Paul is available for school visits through Jubilee Books. Just go to our Author Visits section.