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Friday, 01 March 2013

We'd like to welcome you to the new Ltd online catalogue and bookshop!

We are pleased to launch the first phase of our online primary catalogue for schools. This will be shortly followed with the secondary catalogue.

We have tried to ensure with our clear site navigation and collections that your browsing experience will be a pleasant one.

We want to encourage schools and teachers to celebrate books alongside great teaching and learning. 

In the collection we have tried to cater for changes in the new National Curriculum. We've developed collections that are subject focussed, theme focussed and text focussed to assist schools in selecting the best books for their needs. 

As the curriculum is still in a state of change, we will be assisting schools in putting together new collections tailored to their personal needs.
Please visit our Books2u and Book Boxes sections to find out more. 

We would also like to encourage teachers to share great books they've used in the classroom, how they've used them, activities, lesson plans and reviews of books via our Teacher Hub Our aim is to develop a site that teachers will see not only as a buying tool but also as a resource.

'Go straight to " Ltd" for an excellent service in Reading resources"

Pie Corbett

Why should you buy from us? Ltd is an ethical business. We hope you will share our aims to provide a quality service for schools and teachers. By supporting you will also be investing in future developments like Ltd provides a personal service aimed at and specifically tailored to the needs of schools, teachers and young children. We are more than just a book supplier - we provide a fully comprehensive education service driven by the community.   

So please be encouraged by our goals and help us to reach them by supporting us in any way you can. 

Eddie Burnett
Company Director