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'Wonder, Words and Writing' A Day at the Museum

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

An inspirational inset day with Pie Corbett incorporating Children's authors, poets and storytellers at the British Museum exploring ways of using artefacts and cultural heritage in a creative and engaging way to stimulate writing.

A must have day for school diaries, Deputy Head teachers, Literacy Coordinators, Key Stage Coordinators and Head teachers!

The day will focus on creativity and developing writing across the curriculum using the British Museum collection as a stimulus with the inspirational, charismatic and creative Literacy educator Pie Corbett.

This stimulating day will incorporate facilitated workshop sessions with established children's auhtors, storytellers and poets: Valerie Bloom, Alan Durant and Saviour Pirotta. Together they have many years experience working in schools exciting and stimulating writing with pupils across Key Stages 1-3.

Through developing approaches that could be adapted for a range of meaningful and purposeful cultural and educational school visits.

Programme Outline:

10.00am - Registration and Refreshments
10.30am - Welcome Eddie Burnett and Richard Woff
10.45am - Session 1: Speaker - Pie Corbett
 - Learning in museums and galleries
 - Creative games to warm up the imagination
 - Using artefacts and i for writing poetry, stories and non-fiction
11.40am - 11.55am - Break
12.00 - 13.00 - Workshop Session 2: Primary focused Pie Corbett
 - Using artefacts to write imaginatively
 - Shared writing as a catalyst to childrens writing
 - Story games using objects and i
13.00 - 14.00pm - Lunch, display of literacy resources
14.00pm - Workshop Session 3: Pie Corbett, Valerie Bloom, Alan Durant, Saviour Pirotta
 - Poems from other cultures (Valerie Bloom)
 - Storytelling into writing (Pie Corbett)
 - Narrative writing for boys (Alan Durant)
 - Myths and Legends' The Horse's Wings (Saviour Pirotta)
 - Visual Literacy Illustrator TBC
 - Non Fiction middle TBC
15.30pm - Feedback
15.40pm - Performance by Valerie Bloom
15.50pm - Thanks
16.00 - Close

Session 1

Pie will consider different possibilities for using visits to museums and galleries especially focussing on using artefacts and images as a basis for imaginative writing, to create stories, poetry and non-fiction. He will include a range of creative games that help to warm up the imagination and then demonstrate how a visit might lead into the full range of writing. Previous projects based in galleries and museums have seen a very powerful effect on children's engagemnt as writers. Teachers interested in using first hand experiences in this way will find this session especially useful. 

Session 2 

During this session, Pie will model how to use shared writing to directly teach writing, including mini demonstrations of poetry, story and non-fiction writing. he will show how to use artefacts to write imaginatively. Everyone will play a range of story games using different objects and images. For children to write well, we have to engage thir imaginations and interest.


This will focus on using storytelling techniques to develop different stories orally before moving into writing. It will be ideal for anyone interested in 'talk for writing' and wishing to use those techniques on visits to museums and galleries. Everyone will be inolved in learning to retell a story as well as developing their own tale to take back to school.