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Another successful event with Pie Corbett !

Friday, 04 October 2013

Many thanks to all of you who came to Pie Corbett's 'The Creative Conference' in Saltaire on Wednesday 2nd October.

The event was very well received and we had some fantastic feedback!

"Truly inspirational - many thanks for all the practical ideas. It makes a pleasant change to listen to someone who understands the job of a teacher and is on our side."
Caroline Syddall, Cherry Fold CP School

"Lots of fab ideas to engage young minds and to begin their journey as story tellers and writers."
Fiona Guest, Oakdene Primary School

"Getting adults to have a go at the games is a really good way of empathising/inspiring staff."
Hena Akram, Thorpe Hall Primary School

"As School Art Coordinator, I feel I can feed back the importance and usefulness f observing artworks, photographs etc to aid writing and storytelling."
Monica Parisi, Barkerend Primary School

"Pie is a real wordsmith. He has an amazing talent with language and it was an honour to hear how he uses his passion to inspire creativity in others."