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Pie Corbett Event; a success!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Thank you to all who made it to yesterday's event at the National Maritime Museum!
We had a fantastic day and according to the feedback, you did too!

"Pie Corbett delighted and inspired both the Teachers and the Museum's Learning team with his charismatic presentations. Using objects, paintings and manuscripts from the National Maritime Museum's vast and varied collections, he expertly demonstrated the potential of using museum collections as creative starting points for literacy. From pirates and explorers, to ships and stars, Pie unlocked a treasure trove of themes and ideas to inspire budding writers of all ages across the Primary phase."
Anna Salaman, Head of Learning at the National Maritime Museum

Morning session with Pie Corbett:

"Fun, inspiring and thought provoking - lots of great, practical ideas to take away."
Steph Hammond, St Cedd's School

"Motivating and inspiring - good to see shared writing in action."
Debbie Setterfield, St John's C of E Primary

"Very engaging session full of practical ideas for the classroom"
Elton Lewis, Alexander Mc Loed Primary School

Afternoon session with Pie Corbett

"Brilliant. This has given me so many ideas."
Theresa Wright, Monkshouse Primary

"Very funny and informative. One of the best speakers I've ever listened to."
Ros Rowland, Alexander Mc Loed Primary School

"Shame it wasn't longer!"
Bronwen Hook, Carpenters Primary School

Talk by Sue Ellis

"Very informative."
Rebecca Godden, Sandown Primary School

"Very helpful. Will definitely go and look on the website and highlight to colleagues."
Ellie Hodivala, St Cedd's School

"Excellent course. Very empowering for teachers to improve creativity."
Rebecca England, St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Talk by Berlie Doherty

"Intriguing to hear how Berlie goes about writing her stories."
Brittany Lohse, Alexander Mc Loed Primary School

"Lovely to see and hear such a fab writer."
Karen Moody, Thorney Island C. P. School

"Wonderful to hear from a real author. Will look for her books!"
Emma Booker, Riverview Infants

Performance with John Agard

"Phenomenal! A joy to listen to! Made poetry enjoyable."
Peri Hannabus-Penn, Alexander Mc Loed Primary School

"Absolutely fantastic - engaging and motivating. Amusing and poignant."
Del Rowland, Alexander Mc Loed Primary School

Toyin Adjei, St Michael's CE Primary School