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'African Caribbean Beats' , 'African Caribbean Voices'

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Schools event aimed at primary and secondary aged pupils to celebrate African Caribbean Rhymes and Beats through poetry and its influence on black music genres such as calypso, reggae, rap and dub poetry. The event will chart the history of African Caribbean voices through poetry and its influence on black music genre’s.

In looking at the context in which it has developed, we will explore its links to Africa, the Caribbean and the American civil rights movement through a critical appraisal of Bob Marley and the poet and musician, Gill Scott-Heron’s work. Their undeniable influence on black contemporary music will be discussed through an explication of rap and grime artists.

The Project  

Partner schools will have resident poets working in their school developing poems linked to the theme African Caribbean Beats, African Caribbean Voices together with music genres such as calypso, reggae, rap and Dub poetry.

Pupils will also be encouraged to understand the poetic beats and rhythms of the African Caribbean together with the historical context in which calypso, reggae, rap and dub poetry, was also a social commentary of the times?

Residencies will consist of 2 days providing 8 contact sessions and will be developed with lead teacher and artist. The max 30 pupils per workshop session will be catered for.

Jubileebooks resident Poet and creative writing lecturer Ronnie Mc Garth will guide pupils through an interactive multimedia presentation punctuated by performances.

The day will be aimed at key stage 2, 3 and 4 pupils, and teachers. The residency will reference some of the seminal moments in the development of Black poetry and music.

Demonstrating best practice when using the Arts to stimulate the development of writing, creativity and critical thinking together with the importance of the arts in our culture and its impact in Literacy and history education, social and political commentary.

Talmud Bah is a freelance creative educationalist.

A specialist teacher in behaviour management and emotional literacy through creativity, Talmud teaches foundation stage to key stage 4, as well as further and adult education.

By using the arts as a medium, he blends philosophy, martial arts, lyricism, voice, dance and modern culture; to create an educationally rich explorative journey, resulting in a unique artistic process and culturally relevant style of performance, literature and art.

Mission statement

A promotion of Black British History through Music and Poetry celebrating its social commentary and political comment and influence marking the 30thAnniversary of the Brixton Riots, Bob Marley’s death, and the current passing of Gill- Scott Heron.